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Smart Access works on All major platforms
Only a single subscriotion offers a easy to deploy our service on all major platforms,
including Windows, IOS, Mac OSX, Android, Linux and routers.
Access any websites
Nexitally makes easy to bypass location-based IP blocking to access restricted websites.Also it provides a way to circumvent most firewalls, eascape Internet censorship.

Fast and reliable
Nexitally's special parallel network architechture is design to provide the most reliable and fast private network in the world.

Ultra secured encryption
Most advanced IKEV2 protocal ensures your online security in any extreme envirement. Your secret is safe with us.

Flexible service
Our billing and resource distribution system surves a smart way to help your business with best cost performance. You can always find a suitable service here.

Premium Access
Parellel architecture , dedicated resources
Premium access is designed for business users.Dedicated resource is assigned to bussiness customers to ensure reliability. Dual network hot backup brings highest redundency.
Dual network hot backup
Premium access promises 99.5% service availability.Dual network hot backup helps your business survive most extreme conditions.

Independent network resources
High performan Premium Access servers only assgined to business customers.With parallel cross-national line,your international internet bandwidth is more stable.

24 hour technical service
Premium Access offers 24hour technical service,helps customers around the world deploy and maintain their network anytime.

  • Perferctly support Windows, IOS & Android
  • Next-generation smart route table technology to boost your native browsing speed
  • Fast connect and disconnect
  • Connection stabilization techonology
  • DNS leak protection
  • Low battery consumpton on IOS and Android
Global partners
We cooperate with top tier ISPs and cloud
infrastructure providers to build the best internet acceleration service in the world.
Unleash the potential of internet with Nexitally
Start using the Nexitally internet acceleration service and enjoy a greater web surfing experience.
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